30 November 2006


The head of Iowa's Democratic Party says New York Sen. Hillary Clinton is not making adequate preparations for a presidential campaign in the state, which may be an indication that a big surprise is ahead.

Iowa's Democratic Party Chairman Rob Tully, in trying to explain the lack of a Clinton presence in Iowa, told FOX News last night that the senator, in his opinion, may decide not to run in '08 if Barack Obama gets into the race.

Clinton has not made a public appearance in about two weeks, something that hasn't gone unnoticed by the New York Post, which says Clinton has surrendered the national spotlight to Obama.

According to the Post, Clinton aides say the Senator is simply taking a break.

Meanwhile, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet predicts Obama will run, lays out a strategy for the pre-primary period and says an Obama candidacy would be a serious impediment to a Clinton run.

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