29 January 2007


Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Novak, quoting a source in the Barack Obama camp, reports today that Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanual will back Hillary Clinton's bid for the Democratic nomination.

If true, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for the 2006 elections would be the only major Illinois pol to favor Clinton over fellow Illinoisan Obama.

Emanual was a key member of the Bill Clinton administration and has been a long-time supporter of both Clintons.

Emanuel has not said who he will back.


The crowds were big, the response enthusiastic, but there is some evidence Hillary Clinton has a way to go in Iowa following her first campaign visit to the early-caucus state.

The Washington Post interviewed a panel of 14 Iowa Democrats who attended a Clinton appearance or two over the weekend, and the reaction to her was decidedly mixed.

The overall sentiment seemed to be that Clinton is tough, smart and not nearly as cold as she is portrayed in the media, though - if you read the comments - she clearly did not seal the deal with many.

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Sam said...

Bob Novak has hardly proven himself to be reliable, so I wouldn't take any of his predictions too seriously. Keep in mind that he is a partisan commentator who would like to sow disruption in the Democratic party. Moreover, it is doubtful someone as skillful and tactical as Emmanuel would play favorites (whatever his personal feelings) during a primary season, when most party leaders stay quiet until there is a nominee.