24 January 2007


John Kerry confirmed today he is not running for Democratic nomination for president in 2008. The Boston Globe broke the story late this morning, citing sources, and Kerry made it official on the Senate floor this afternoon.

Kerry said he would stay in the Senate to fight President Bush's plans to escalate U.S. involvement in Iraq and to force the president to get all troops out of that country by early next year.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chock full of presidential candidates, passed a non-binding resolution opposing the so-called troop "surge" this afternoon.

The Kerry story came at midday, giving the 24-hour "news" channels something to talk about. But how important is it really?

Kerry barely moved the meter in the presidential preference polls, and after sticking his foot in his mouth for the umpteenth time a couple of days before last November's election (remember the "botched joke"), no one in the Democratic Party really wanted to nominate the Massachusetts senator again.

Since the November incident it's been clear Kerry would not garner much support for a presidential bid. It's to his benefit, though long overdue, that he realized it.

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