24 January 2007


Earlier this week we posted results of the latest ABC News-Washington Post presidential preference poll, which showed Hillary Clinton far out in front of Barack Obama in the Democratic race and Rudy Giuliani with a seven point lead over John McCain on the GOP side.

Today, blogger/reporter Chris Cillizza - who publishes the Post's political blog The Fix - takes a closer look at the numbers that weren't broken out when the poll was released.

Both frontrunners do well in all sub-groups, but Cillizza found some spots of strength or weakness for Clinton and Giuliani.

Non-white voters prefer Clinton (56%) over Obama (16%). A little surprising since Obama is black and African Americans make up the largest share of the subgroup.

Clinton does better than Obama among women, but that advantage is decidedly smaller among married women and women who are Clinton's contemporaries. The New York senator does much better than Obama among young and unmarried women.

As for Giuliani, he polls stronger than McCain among conservatives,though he is seen by the pundits as the most-liberal of the GOP candidates.

And, according to Cillizza, Rudy is a big hit with the ladies - at least as a presidential choice. Perhaps a little surprising given the messy, public divorces Giuliani has been through.

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