09 February 2008

A huge sweep for Obama

Barack Obama rolled through today's three-state contest with huge victories in all three.

Obama pulled 68% of the vote in caucuses in Washington and Nebraska.

With nearly 90% of the votes counted in Louisiana it appears that Obama will win there with about 55% of the vote.

So what can read into this?

With the wide margins of victory Obama put up tonight, he will have a clear lead in the committed-delegate count (the ones people actually voted for) and I'm hearing "experts" on TV projecting he'll be within 25 delegates of Clinton when the super delegates are added in.

With Obama holding large leads in the primaries in Virginia, Maryland and DC on Tuesday, Obama could threaten to take the lead in both counts by next Wednesday morning.

Tonight's wins were not surprising, but the margins of victory were, and that should have the Clinton campaign on edge.

Clinton needs to pick up a win in Maine's caucus tomorrow or in Wisconsin or Hawaii on Feb. 19 to put a speed bump in Obama's path before the next big round of primaries on March 3, when Texas and Ohio - right now Clinton states - will predominate.

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