18 January 2008

GOP Race Tightens In South Carolina

Looking at the headline on our last post ("Polls Point McCain's Way") I thought it might be a good idea to update that a little.

While the road to Tsunami Tuesday still looks a lot less bumpy for John McCain than for Mike Huckabee, the latest polls out of South Carolina show Huckabee is in position to throw up a roadblock in the Palmetto State.

In polls released yesterday, it appears things have gotten tighter in the state, which holds its primary tomorrow.

A Survey USA poll puts John McCain ahead of Mike Huckabee 29%-27%; A McClatchy- MSNBC poll has the Arizona senator leading Huckabee 25%-23%; and the latest Rasmussen poll has the two tied at 24%.

All three polls produced virtual ties for the top spot.

One other poll released yesterday still shows McCain with some breathing room in South Carolina. A Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll has him up 29%-22%.

And, while this has nothing to do with South Carolina, Rasmussen has some interesting numbers on New Jersey. Their first poll in the Garden State shows McCain leading Rudy Giuliani on what is essentially Giuliani's home field.

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