27 January 2008

(Update: Monday's Zogby Poll, the third of a three-day tracking series, shows John McCain back on top in the Republican race in Florida. The poll has McCain at 33%, Mitt Romney at 30%, Rudy Giuliani back in third place at 14% and Mike Huckabee in fourth at 11%. Eight percent remain undecided one day prior to the election. )

McCain, Romney tied in Fla., Giuliani slips to fourth in latest poll

I've spent my day playing catch-up on the Democratic side of things (see previous posts below), but I haven't been so busy as not to notice a couple of significant developments in the GOP race for Florida.

The latest Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby tracking poll shows Mitt Romney and John McCain dead even at 30% in Florida.

And, the news has gotten worse for Rudy Giuliani, who has slipped behind Mike Huckabee by one point in what looks like a race for third place.

This is the second of three one-day Zogby tracking polls heading into Tuesday's primary. In yesterday's poll McCain led Romney 31% to 28%, while Giuliani was third at 15% and Huckabee fourth at 10%.

McCain got a rather last-minute, but still-helpful endorsement from Florida's Republican governor, Charlie Crist last night.

On Friday, Sen. Mel Martinez, a Republican from Florida, also endorsed McCain. Martinez's endorsement is seen as helpful in the Cuban community in Miami, an important voting block.

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