28 January 2008

Name-calling in Florida

The Democrats have been getting all the headlines about their fussing and feuding, but the top two Republican candidates have been sparring too.

Today it got just plain ugly,

Send the kids out of the room, or at least shield their eyes. You won't believe the language coming out of their mouths.

Within the space of a couple hours down in the Sunshine State today John McCain and Mitt Romney called each other - oh, dare I say it? - liberal. Or at least they intimated that the other had liberal tendencies.

Is it genetic, or a behavior of choice? I guess we'll never know.


We covered the Kennedy endorsement of Barack Obama yesterday so I think we'll skip that for today.

Just a few bits and pieces to report.

After Saturday's huge defeat in South Carolina, the Clinton campaign is re-thinking the role of husband Bill. Rather than the family pit bull - the role he's been playing lately -the New York Times reports today that the former president will be going back to playing the role of the little (wo)man that he played prior to Hillary Clinton's loss in Iowa.

Al Sharpton, on The View today, offered some unsolicited advice to Bill Clinton - just shut up!

And, as long as we're keeping it light today, if you are among the many out there having trouble choosing your candidate as Tsunami Tuesday approaches here's a pretty good quiz that will help you sort it out. I took it and it matched my actual preferences almost exactly.

Oh ya. Tonight is George W.'s last State of the Union address. And you thought this day would never arrive.

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