05 January 2008

Obama Catches Clinton, McCain Widens Lead in New Hampshire

Barack Obama appears to be getting a big bounce from his win in Iowa Tuesday night. Three New Hampshire polls have been taken since Obama's win Tuesday and all three are good news for Obama.

The best news for the Illinois senator comes from a Rasmussen Reports poll begun and
completed on Wednesday. In that poll, Obama leads Clinton 37% to 27% in New Hampshire after trailing by three points in a pre-Christmas Rasmussen poll.

A WMUR/CNN/University of New Hampshire poll released
today shows Clinton and Obama tied at 33% in the state, which holds the first primary on Tuesday. John Edwards is a distant third at 20%.

A Concord Monitor poll shows Obama ahead 34% to 33%. Edwards came in third in this poll as well, at 23%.

Clinton led Obama by four points in the previous
WMUR/CNN/UNH poll completed Dec. 30.

On the GOP side, John McCain has opened a six point
lead over Mitt Romney, 33% to 27%, in the WMUR/CNN/UNH poll. He's up 35% to 29% in the Monitor's poll. The Arizona senator has a five point lead in the Jan. 4 Rasmussen Reports poll.

The previous WMUR/CNN/UNH poll showed Romney and McCain tied at 29%, while Romney was ahead in a pre-Christmas Rasmussen poll.

Tuesday's Iowa caucus winner Mike Huckabee is third in the Monitor poll at 13% and fourth in the WMUR poll at 11%. Rudy Giuliani is third in that poll at 14%. Huckabee is fourth in the Rasmussen poll as well, three points behind Ron Paul, who is third.

Romney Wins Wyoming

There was a bit of good news for Mitt Romney tonight. He won the Wyoming caucuses handily.

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