19 January 2008

Romney takes Nevada

Mitt Romney is the projected winner in the GOP cacuses in Nevada.

All the networks projected Romney the winner pretty much as the caucuses came to a close.

As I write this only 20% of the vote has been counted and Romney is at 55%.

Ron Paul and John McCain are in a tight race for second, each with about 12%.

Everyone else is in single digits.

Mormons made up about about 25% of those who showed up for the GOP caucuses according to The Associated Press, and nearly all voted for Romney, who is a Mormon.

This was kind of an unusal event because 31 committed delegates will be chosen today, but only Romney spent any notable time in the state. Perhaps that's because he's the only one of the top GOP candidates who didn't see much point in making a hard push in South Carolina, which is holding its primary today as well.

Still Nevada's 31 committed delegates top the 24 available in South Carolina, so Romney got a freebie here. Delegate allocations are not available yet.

The Democrats did have quite a battle here, complete with legal wrangling and name-calling (you Reagan lover you!) and their results wont be out for a little while yet. The party's South Carolina primary is not until next week.

We'll be back later with a look at the Dems and a more comprehensive look at what today's GOP races mean once the South Carolina numbers come in tonight.

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