30 January 2008

Rudy endorses McCain, Is Ahhnold next?; Is Ralph Nader rearing his head?

As expected, Rudy Giuliani exited the GOP presidential race today and endorsed John McCain, who is the frontrunner after his win last night in Florida.

Now there is talk the
California Gov. Arnold Shwarzenegger is likely to be the next big name to jump on the McCain bandwagon.

On Democratic side today,
John Edwards called it quits, opening the door for --- Ralph Nader? Well, at least that's what ABC's Rick Klein is reporting. Klein reports Nader has formed an exploratory committee and will win if he determines he can raise enough money.

Nader said to Klein:

"When Kucinich threw in the towel, now you have Edwards gone — who's going to carry the torch of democratic populism against the relentless domination of powerful corporations of our government?"

And he's already got a Web site up and running.

After taking a few minutes off for some kind words for Edwards - who both remaining Democrats will now court for his endorsement - things went back to being nasty the Democratic campaign trail.

Barack Obama called Hillary Clinton divisive and - in a twist on Bill Clinton's old "Bridge to the 21st Century" campaign theme said;

"I know it is tempting — after another presidency by a man named George Bush — to simply turn back the clock, and to build a bridge back to the 20th century,"

In a rather clever retort, and with a twist of her own on the title of Barack Obama's book, Clinton called Obama's comments "audacious but not very hopeful."

And, just one more little piece of weirdness before we go. The New York Post has endorsed Obama in the Democratic primaries next Tuesday.

"We urge them to choose Obama - an untried candidate, to be sure, but preferable to the junior senator from New York.

Obama represents a fresh start.

His opponent, and her husband, stand for déjà vu all over again - a return to the opportunistic, scandal-scarred, morally muddled years of the almost infinitely self-indulgent Clinton co-presidency.

Does America really want to go through all that once again?"

Just another day on the trail.

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