22 March 2007


Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth confirmed today that Elizabeth has had a recurrence of cancer, but both said the campaign will continue.

Elizabeth Edwards said the breast cancer, which she made public just after Edwards lost his VP bid in 2004, has re-emerged in a different form. Tests this week have determined that she has cancer in the bone of one of her ribs.

Candidate Edwards said despite the diagnosis, "the campaign goes on. The campaign goes on strongly." He said there will be no change in plans.

The couple said the decision to continue was made only after word from their doctor that the disease and subsequent treatment should not be something that should be debilitating enough to keep either of them of the campaign trail.

John Edwards said he decided to continue the campaign only after he was assured that would be the case and said he will be where his wife needs during her new bout with cancer.

"Any time any place that I need to be with Elizabeth I will be there," Edwards said during a press conference held by he and his wife in Chapel Hill, N.C.

"We are very optimistic about this (the diagnosis)...the key is to keep your head up, keep moving and be strong," he said.

Elizabeth Edwards said she has no intention of allowing the recurrence of cancer to slow her down.

"I expect to do next week all of the things I did last week," she said. I'm as ready for this as any person can be."

The Edwards said they plan to do much of the campaign travel together.

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