01 March 2007


I have to say it seems like all I've been writing about lately is polls, but three more came out today that can't be ignored. I'm going to mention the key points and let those really into it view the links for the details.

In a poll that will come out in TIME magazine tomorrow, there is major movement at the top of both the Democratic and Republican fields.

Among the Republicans, Rudy Giuliani is now ahead of John McCain by 14 points (38% to 24%), which is a gain of 18 points for Giuliani since the last TIME poll in January.

The TIME poll shows Hillary Clinton still in the lead among Democrats, but she lost seven points since January to Barack Obama. Clinton leads Obama 36% to 24%. Al Gore is third at 13% and John Edwards fourth at 11%.

Support for Clinton and Obama is about even among African-American voters.


Quinnipiac University released its latest New Jersey poll today. Giuliani and Clinton, both from neighboring New York, have commanding leads. The most noteworthy numbers here are the very poor showings of John Edwards (5%) and Mitt Romney (2%).


Hillary Clinton is more electable than Barack Obama, but just barely, according to a Gallup Poll released today.

Some 74% of those polled see Clinton as having an excellent or good chance of being elected in '08. Obama polled at 71%. John Edwards came in third at 52%.

Among Democratic voters, 90% said Clinton has an excellent or good chance of winning, while Obama's numbers are stuck in the 70s at 74%. Some 64% of Dems think Edwards has an excellent or good chance of being elected.

Independents and Republicans both think Obama is more electable than Clinton, by fairly small margins. But then again the Republicans won't be voting in this race and - in many states - neither will the independents.

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