22 March 2007


I'm not sure this is even worth mentioning, because very little was said.

But since we've been waiting for several days now for any of the Republican candidates to weigh in on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the prosecutor firings I guess we should pass this along.

Giuliani, the only former U.S. attorney in the presidential race, said today we shouldn't presume anything about Gonzales' actions in the matter until he goes to Capitol Hill to say what happened.

"I think that’s what these inquiries are going to be about, right? To determine that,, he said," at a news conference in Chevy Chase, Md. "And I think we should have an open mind about it, and not, you know, not come out of it - come at it with a kind of partisan spirit, whether you're a Democrat wanting to find something wrong or whether you're a Republican wanting to justify. The Attorney General's going to have to explain, and I’m more than willing to listen to his explanation.” --Rudy Giuliani as quoted by New York Times blog The Caucus.

That's 79 words for Giuliani to say pretty much nothing, which, I'm going to presume, is not a world record for a politican.

Giuliani made his comments while in Maryland to receive the endorsement of the state's former governor, Bob Ehrlich.

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