02 March 2007

How important is the African-American vote to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama?
Just look at what's happening in Selma, Ala. on Sunday.
Barack Obama is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at an event to commemorate the 1965 civil rights march in Selma. Obama announced his plans to be there several weeks ago.

Now it seems, according to the Washington Post today, that not only is Hillary Clinton planning her own event in Selma on Sunday, but her husband Bill - who is wildly popular among black voters - will be there as well. The Post reports the Clinton event is scheduled for the same time, and pretty much the same place, as Obama's appearance.

When was the last time Bill and Hillary campaigned together instead of fanning out to cover more ground? I can't remember either. So that should answer the question I posed at the top of this post.
You obviously remember the recent dust-up between the Clinton and Obama camps over David Geffen and his abanoning of the Clintons in favor of Obama. The movie producer raised $1.3 million for Obama at a single Hollywood event.
Today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Obama has taken away some financial support from Clinton on the East Coast as well - on Wall Street in particular.

Among Mr. Obama's big East Coast catches are New York hedge-fund manager Orin Kramer, a partner with Boston Provident Partners LP, who raised money for Bill Clinton's presidential campaigns. Another former Clinton ally, Jamie Rubin, a partner with private-equity firm One Equity, also has lined up behind Mr. Obama. Mr. Rubin -- who shares a name with a former Clinton State Department spokesman -- is the son of Robert Rubin, the Citigroup Inc. executive who served as Mr. Clinton's Treasury secretary. In addition, Mr. Obama has won over billionaire George Soros, one of the biggest financers of liberal causes. -- The Wall Street Journal

The paper reports Obama is planning two New York fundraisers on March 9, including a $2,300-a-plate dinners.

Hope it's not a buffet.

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