03 March 2007


With each passing day the political discourse in this country just keeps getting loftier.
Right wing hitwoman Ann Coulter raised it to heights even she previously failed to hit yesterday by calling John Edwards a "faggot." (the video may take some time to load. A lot of people are trying to get to the site).

It was another tasteful performance for the (what is she anyway? a journalist? - clearly not; a pundit? - she doesn't even deserve that name; a comedian? - well her stuff's not funny. How about talentless, tasteless, immature nut job?).

Whatever she is, she spewed her venom again at the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday, the same venue where she used the word "raghead" to refer to Middle Easterners last year.

Coulter also used her chance at the podium to ask if "Al Gore actually swallow(ed) Michael Moore."

Of course when someone put Coulter on the spot she wasn't quite as thick-skinned, but equally high-brow with her response.

When a questioner asked Coulter why she praises marriage but broke off so many engagements, she responded by calling the questioner ugly.--Washington Post

Coulter has made a living by making juvenile, yet poison-filled, comments - having at times in the past said she expects Hillary Clinton to "come out of the closet" at some point, that Bill Clinton "shows some level of latent homosexuality," and that Al Gore is a "total fag." (Hardball with Chris Matthews 5/27/2006).

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who was at the podium just prior to Coulter, seemed as though he couldn't wait to hear just who Coulter would direct her vitriol at this time.

“I am happy to hear that after you hear from me, you will hear from Ann Coulter. That is a good thing. Oh yeah!” -- Mitt Romney (video from youtube)

Human Rights Campaign President Joseph Solmonese called on the GOP presidential candidates who were at CPAC yesterday - they were all there except John McCain - and Vice President Dick Cheney (who was also there) to repudiate Coulter's remarks.

“To interject this word into American political discourse is a vile and disgusting way to sink the debate to a new, all-time low.” ... "It is clear that some in the Republican Party plan to run in 2008 the same way they did in 2004, by using discrimination to divide the country and rally their base. But, 2008 is not 2004, and this time the politics of fear and smear will not work. The American people are tired of those who would rather divide than unite."

The Edwards camp doesn't seem to be overly ruffled by the comments and in fact is using it as a fundraising opportunity.

Campaign Manager David Bonoir sent an e-mail to supporters asking them to contribute to the campaign's effort to raise $100,000 in "Coulter Cash"

"This is just a taste of the filth that the right-wing machine is gearing up to throw at us. And now that it's begun, we have a choice: Do we sit back, or do we fight back? I say we fight. Help us raise $100,000 in "Coulter Cash" this week to show every would-be Republican mouthpiece that their bigoted attacks will not intimidate this campaign. I just threw in 100 bucks. Will you join me?"

We get what we put up with folks, until we start demanding better of our candidates and their surrogates this is the kind of garbage that will serve as political discourse in this country.

More info: Did Ginger Rogers Wear Flip-Flops; Dana Milbank, Washington Post

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