22 February 2007

  • Biden, Clinton Shine in Nevada Forum
  • Edwards Still Ahead in Iowa; Rudy Widens Lead
  • More Flip-floppery from McCain
  • McCain, Giuliani Raise Ire of Fiscal Conservatives

Some notes of importance to take a quick look at this morning.

Eight Democrats hoping to be president gathered in Nevada yesterday for a candidate's forum. Not a lot has been written on this, but PolitcalWire's Dan Conley manged to take in the whole affair and pronounced Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton the winners and John Edwards and Tom Vilsack the losers.
Read why here.

John Edwards continues to lead Iowa, at least according to the latest Strategic Vision poll. Edwards is polling at 24%, while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are tied for second at 18%. Favorite son Tom Vilsack is at 14%. One month ago, Edwards led at 25%, with Obama second at 17%, Vilsack third at 16% and Clinton fourth at 15%. So Hillary has picked up three points there in month, one each from the other three leaders.

Among the Republicans, Rudy Giuliani tops John McCain 29% to 22%, while Newt Gingrich polled at 11% and Mitt Romney at 9%. A month ago Giulian led McCain by only 4 points.

Speaking of McCain - more flip-floppery from the one-time GOP frontrunner. This time on ethynol, as reported by the Krusty Konservative via PoliticalWire.

While McCain and others have recently spent a great deal of their time courting the religious right, The Washington Times reports fiscal conservatives are upset with both he and Giuliani for not signing a no-new-taxes pledge.

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