28 February 2007


While there have been no dearth of nationwide polls on the '08 elections, individual state polls have been somewhat harder to come by.

Since that's how a nominee is chosen, state by state, it would seem we should take a look any chance we get.

We get two such opportunities today, as Strategic Vision released polls on both Georgia and Wisconsin.

In Georgia, there's positive news for both the second and third fiddles in the Democratic race. Clinton leads in the poll at 28%, but Barack Obama is just three points behind at 25%. John Edwards, who has been turning in weak third- and fourth-place performances in most recent national polls, finishes third in this Georgia poll, with a somewhat stronger 18%.

In Wisconsin, Clinton has a wider lead over Obama, 36% to 21%, but again Edwards manages a respectable third-place finish at 17%. In some recent polls Edwards had been finishing in the single digits.

Throw in the Strategic Vision Iowa poll we told you about last week, with Edwards in the lead at 24% and Obama and Clinton tied for second at 18%, and things look a little closer state-by-state then they do in recent national polls. The next Iowa poll to come out will be particularly noteworthy because the now-departed Tom Vilsack got 14% in his home state in last week's poll.

Among Republicans, Guiliani is tops in Georgia at 28%, with John McCain at 21%, Newt Gingrich at 15% and Mitt Romney at 8%, Giuliani also takes Wisconsin (26%), while favorite son Tommy Tomson finishes second there at 22%. McCain is third at 15% and Gingrich and Romney are in single digits.

There's one other statewide poll out today, in Pennsylvania. But this one pits the top Democrats against the Republican frontrunners. The Philadelphia Daily News/Keystone poll shows the two top Republicans defeating the two top Democrats in one-on-one pairings in Pennsylvania - a swing state.

  • Giuliani 53%, Clinton 37%
  • Giuliaini 53%, Obama 32%
  • McCain 45%, Clinton 41%
  • McCain 43%, Obama 37%

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