23 February 2007


Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack was the first to officially get in and is now the first to get out.

The former Iowa governor's long-shot bid for the Democratic presidential momination reportedly will come to an end later this morning in Iowa.

Vilsack's anticipated departure is not an earth-moving development since he was polling at about 1% nationwide and fourth in his home state.

But, since Iowa is the first to sound off in '08, a decision by Vilsack to back one of the other candidates could be big news. We'll have to wait on that until the announcement is made.

The Des Moines Register broke the story of a likely decision from Vilsack in this morning's paper. The Register reported it was likely a dearth of donations, not the poopout at the polls that drove Vilsack out so quickly.

Campaign finance reform anyone?

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