05 February 2007


Some things about the way we pick a president seem a little ridiculous to me,

Today, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani filed a "statement of candidacy" for the Republican presidential nomination.

Sounds like he's officially in right?

Not 100%.
Giuliani's filing - as I understand it - simply upgrades his exploratory filing to a more serious status. In today's filing, according to the Associated Press, Giuliani added a "statement of candidacy" to his exploratory filing in November and deleted the words "testing the waters."

So legally he's in still in the exploratory phase, but I guess he now is really, really, really exploring.

Or maybe he, like every other candidate, wants to announce and re-announce as many times as he can con the media into covering it.


Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Hillary Clinton has rescheduled her campaign trip to New Hampshire, and she picked an opportune time to go.

Clinton, who had to cancel her planned trip to the state this past weekend because of a death in the family, will be in New Hampshire on Feb. 9 and 10.

Oddly enough, Feb. 10 is the day one of Clinton's chief opponents, Sen. Barack Obama, has chosen to officially announce his candidacy in Illinois, his home state.

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