10 December 2006


Will Jeb Bush run for president in '08.

The right wing magazine NewsMax reports the Florida governor, and the younger brother of the current occupant of the White House, won't rule it out.

In an interview, posted tonight on the magazine's Web site, Jeb Bush sounds an awful lot like big brother:

"The president tried mightily to get the Social Security reforms in place, but everybody was looking at the next election. We have problems with Medicare, and the cost associated with that. We have too much litigation in our country. That puts a burden on our businesses that no other country has. Our capital markets now are becoming anti-competitive because of over-regulation." --Jeb Bush

And then there's this:

Despite facing the "profoundly important issues related to whether our freedoms are going to be protected against people who hate them and hate us, and whether we're going to remain competitive globally," the discussion in Washington is "puny and juvenile and bitter," Bush said. --Jeb Bush quoted by NewsMax

Bush told NewsMax he likes Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the White House, but also said he'd feel "comforted" by having Rudy Giuliani leading the country in a time of war and said Arizona Sen. John McCain would be okay too.

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Sam said...

Say it isn't so. It is way past time for this dynasty to end.

Maureen Dowd said it best when she said the Bushes are irrelevant aristocrats who think the presidency is a family heirloom.