21 December 2006


Ask a roomful of average Americans who Barack Obama is and one in three won't be able to tell you. A further 14% know who the Illinois senator is, but say they don't know enough about him to have an opinion of him.

Those are the findings of a recent Gallup poll.

Only 5% said they had no opinion of Sen. Hillary Clinton, a likely rival of Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.

Obama's relative annonymity is somewhat surprising given the recent media hubbub about him.

It also can be good or bad news. After all, 95% of those polled had an opinion of Clinton, but 47% said that opinion was negative.

The Gallup poll is subscribers-only and likely has a lot more data in it, but this is all that came to light in an article today in the Chicago Sun-Times.


One of the concerns about a fresh-faced candidate like Obama is what skeletons, if any, the media will smoke out of his closet. (Or more corrrectly, what skeletons will political enemies find and spoon feed to the media?)

If the efforts to date of the mainstream media morons (MMSMs) are any example, Obama has little to worry about.

MediaMatters.org has a summary of some of the "issues" the MSMMs think may be a problem for Obama.

The "issues" include the fact that Obama's middle name is Hussein, his surname is one character off from Osama, his long-estanged (and now dead) father was a non-practicing Muslim and that the senator once made a bit of an inquiry into his Muslim background - though Obama is a Christian.

The idea is to try to invent the concern that a man with minimal Muslim ties may become president at a time when we are fighting Muslim extemists in our so-called "war on terror." You have to read it to believe it.

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