03 December 2006


The New York Times reports today that Sen. Hillary Clinton has been spending her time out of the public eye trying to shore-up home field support in New York.

Clinton reportedly has been spending her time since being re-elected to the Senate on Nov. 7 meeting with the state's top Democratic pols, to inform them of her thinking as of now on a presidential bid and to solicit their support should she decide to run.

No one's going beyond confirming that they did talk with Clinton or her people, but it appears - based on the comments of one annonymous source from the Clinton camp quoted in the article- that there's no final decision yet.

"The message is, 'Everybody keep their powder dry,' " the adviser said. "She is seriously looking at it. She’s not making any decision yet."

There was some speculation out of Iowa this week that Clinton might be having second thoughts about a run because she has kept a very low profile since the mid-term elections and hasn't been making the kind of behind-the-scene moves in Iowa that a presidential contender should be making at this point in the game.

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