19 December 2006


A new poll by Newsweek shows Hillary Clinton has, for the first time, moved ahead of the two top-tier candidates for the GOP presidential nomination.

The poll shows Clinton ahead of John McCain - 50% to 43%

Clinton also leads fellow New Yorker Rudy Giuliani 48% to 47%

The other Democratic candidate creating a lot of buzz - Barack Obama - has lifted his numbers against would-be Republican opponents as well. Obama trails McCain by just two points (43% to 45%), and Giuliani by just three (44% to 47%).

Mitt Romney ,the Republican governor of Massachusetts, gets blasted by both Clinton and Obama.

Clinton leads Obama in the poll 50% to 32%, but Obama does better among Republicans in his one-one-one pairings against GOP candidates. That may suggest he'd be a stronger nominee if he survives the battle with Clinton.

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