06 December 2006


As becomes more clear with each election, money is a key factor in winning public office.

So, we wondered, who's leading the money game this early in the campaign?

Turns out the answer was pretty easy to find.

The Center for Responsive Politics has a chart on the 2008 presidential hopefuls who recently ran for federal office, as well as those who will be leaving state offices behind to run for the White House.

Among those who have run for a federal office recently or have a PAC (or both), Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry leads the way with $14.38 million available between his campaign funds and his PAC, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton is No. 2 at $13.99 million and Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana is third at $11.18 million.

Among Republicans, Arizona Sen. John McCain leads the pack at $1.5 million.

Of course, Kerry still has money left from his presidential bid and Clinton just ran a Senate race, so that puts them at an advantage.

Among the governors running for president, Republican George Pataki of New York has the most money in his PAC at $932,000.

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