05 December 2006


While this is primarily a place to discuss those who would like to be George Bush's successor, it's probably O-K to take some time out once in a while to chat about the current holder of the office.

With two years left, and a lot of legacy-building to do, most observers - unless history turns current opinion on its head - rank Bush near the bottom of the list of America's presidents.

I wanted to share a unique perspective with you that I came across over the weekend.

In Sunday's Washington Post, Columbia University historian Eric Foner looks at the faults attributed to those presidents that history has placed at the bottom of the barrel and argues that Bush has managed to bundle all of those traits into one package - making him, Foner argues, the worst president in our history.

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Sam said...

Rolling Stone magazine had this as a cover feature a few months ago. The article is by historian Sean Wilentz and can be read here: