07 December 2006

Clinton Leads Dems In Fox Poll; Giuliani Tops GOP

FOX News released a presidential preference poll tonight. The results are pretty much the same as yesterday's Rasmusen Reports poll, so we'll move quickly through this. Besides I've got a Browns-Steelers game to watch tonight so I've got to move on in a hurry.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton tops the list at 33%, Barack Obama is a distant second at 12%, Al Gore is at 11%, John Edwards scored 8% and John Kerry rounded out the top five at 6%.

On the GOP side, Rudy Giuliani topped John McCain 30% to 23%, while Newt Gingrich (9%), Mitt Romney (8%) and Sam Brownback (3%) finished the top five. Gingrich dropped from 14% in late August and Giuliani gained 5 points on McCain since then.

In one-on-one primary match-ups, Clinton tops Gore by 17 points and Obama by 22 points on the Democratic side.

Among Republicans, Giuliani tops McCain by 2 points. McCain pounds Mitt Romneyu in a one-on-one 59% to 14%. There was no Giuliani-Romney pairing.

In general election matchups, Both McCain and Giuliani would top Clinton by 8 or 9 points, and both Republicans would top Obama, Giuliani by 11 points and McCain by 19.
Bush's approval rating? 38% Full PDF file here.


Gallup also released another poll today, which was a bit unorthodox.

Respondents were asked to name traits they associate with some of the leading Democratic candidates. Gallup than categorized those traits as positive or negative and came up with a snapshot of the candidates.

Obama and Clinton were tops on the "positives" scale while Kerry had the most "negatives.

Click here for the detailed report and look below for the chart with general results.

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