08 December 2006


Yesterday, while we and a few others reported comprehensively on New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's plan to deal with illegal immigration, the blogs were abuzz about a FOX News report that Richardson said he would indeed be running for president in '08.

It seemed a bit suspect that the governor would chose FOX News as the venue to make his announcement, and especially questionable that he would do so on the day when he unveiled what could be one of his most significant policy initiatives.

Why not make news on two separate days.

Sure enough, a short time after the FOX report Richardson's office released a statement calling the FOX report erroneous and saying Richardson will decide early next year whether to take a stab at the Democratic presidential nomination.

Today, FOX backtracked a bit saying in essence "here's what he said, you decide." View the FOX CYA attempt here. (Be prepared to sit through a short ad first). If that link doesn't get there for you, click here.

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