13 December 2006


Two new presidential preference polls have been released today and both show Hillary Clinton leading the Democrats and Rudy Giuliani on top of the GOP heap. Nothing New there.

The similarities between the two polls, the ABC/Washington Post and NBC/Wall Street Journal polls, are rather noteworthy.

Clinton leads the ABC/Washington post poll of Democrats with 39%, compared to 17% for Barack Obama, 12% for John Edwards and 7% for John Kerry.

In the NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll, Clinton leads at 37%, followed by Obama(18%), Edwards (14%) and Kerry(11%).

On the Republican side, Giuliani leads the ABC/Washington Post Poll with 34% and the NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll also with 34%. John McCain is second in both polls at (26% and 29%). Newt Gingrich is third (12% and 10%) and Mitt Romney is fourth in both polls (5% and 8%).

McCain's support has slipped compared to polls a couple of weeks ago that showed he and Giuliani more or less neck-and-neck in the mid-30's.

Obama has surged a bit, but is still well behind Clinton.

For the most part the polls are striking for the sameness both when compared to each other and to polls done in the past several weeks.

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