12 December 2006


As we've been saying for the past few days now, Cleveland congressman Dennis Kucinich is running for president.

Kucinich made it official today, telling a crowd in Cleveland he believes the Democrats were put back in power "to bring some sanity back to our nation."

Kucinich is well to the left on social issues and staunchly anti-war, having called just a couple of weeks ago for a cutoff of funding of the Iraq war as a way to ensure that America get out of the conflict.

"The US is not and will not 'win' in Iraq through a continued military occupation. It is time for Congress to cut off the funds and demand a quick withdrawal of all US troops from Iraq. The period of carnage and blood shed in Iraq has gone on longer than World War II. The American public voted for change, and now Congress must respond. -- Kucinich in a press release.

In a somewhat humerous piece on MSNBC.com today, CNBC's Karin Caifa, talks about the downs and the ups of cover a long, long shot like Kucinich.

Photo Credit: USA Today

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