05 December 2006


Been in sick bay the past couple of days - the dreaded flu-like symptoms - so we've missed a lot, which we'll hopefully catch up with later.

But I had to swallow more Nyquil and push on to get this one on the blog.

The New York Post reports this morning that in one of her many calls to New York politicians in the past few days, Sen. Hillary Clinton let it slip. She is running for president.

The Post said the comment came in a call to an unidentified New York lawmaker.

"She said to me, 'I'm really going to go for this. I'm going to make this effort, " the New York lawmaker told The Post.

Meanwhile, in another exclusive this morning, The Des Moines Register reports Clinton has finally begun to feel out pols in that state, which is the first state to weigh-in during the primary season.

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Anonymous said...

And so it begins. Is it irony that a Murdoch-owned entity breaks this story?